The words within this website are almost all mine, except where I have quoted a book or another source. In such a case I will let you know. These words have come to me as a result of my several years of studying The Urantia Book intensely. Most of the writing was done while undertaking courses through the UrantiaUniversity Institute program of studies or through the Urantia Book Internet School courses. I am eternally grateful to the dedicated people in those organizations as well as many others working tirelessly to put forward the ideas in the book, and to the Relevators of The Urantia Book, and all who made this seemingly dream-like universe a reality.

I now invite you to open your mind to new ways to thinking, to new ideas about life. I am talking about the completeness of life.

Is life more than materialism–matter and physical phenomena? If it were not, would we even be here to know it? I suspect the answer you will give is no, it is far more than material stuff. Is life more than your physical body? Or your body plus your brain? Is your brain your mind? Is your mind the result of electromagnetic and other phenomena impulses within your brain?

If that is all it is, that may explain a lot of your physical operation of seeing, hearing, tasting, and so on. But what about thinking? Or dreaming? Where do ideas come from? Are they our ideas or are they coming from somewhere else entirely?

Why do we have the ideas we have in our brain? What of philosophy? Morals and ethics? How are thesis things connected to that brain activity. 

Big questions, to be sure. However the answers are even bigger.

But if our lives are a composite of the material and the mental stuff of the brain, where did they come from? An accident? A great big cosmic accident. Consider this: if there is a God, would all of this be an accident? Let’s pretend there is not a God. Now what if you discovered the existence a whole bunch of almost identical planets just like ours? More accidents? Or merely coincidences.

But before we get there, what is the origin of life? You and I know science thinks it will discover it someday and be able to replicate it, or rather create it on its own. If life is all part of the “accident,” a happenstance of time, they how could it be some complex that science cannot even define it yet? 

So, here is the way I want you to think of life. It is far more complex than science, philosophy, materialism, as anyone alive knows. And I want you to keep an open mind regarding all the things it could be. Including spirit, and religion, and supernatural-supermaterial existences, because, when you do think about life, you will know it is far more than we can ever know about it. That, to me, means, it is each of those, all together, and much, much more.

So open you mind because what you will learn, if you did not know already, is reality, life, is far more thrilling, more adventurous, more love-filled, and more, than you or anyone ever thought possible.

Acknowledgements with Gratitude

I want to express my gratitude to all who have made me and my beliefs–my certainty–and faith possible. While there are many on this material plane that could be named, I cannot name them all. I can name a couple of specially important ones: Michele Turns, my life partner and love; Jim Rosemergy; Raymon Miller; Donna D’Ingillo; Bryon Belitsos; and Clive DeLaPorte; and all the folks in Urantia Book ministries.

From beyond, I want to thank all of the celestials and midwayers that participated in the creation and publication of The Urantia Book; Christ Michael of Nebadon (aka Jesus), and our Universe Mother Spirit, Nebadonia.

From within I especially than my indwelling spirit of our Father, and the Spirit of Truth. I salute the seven adjutant spirits as well. I don’t know exactly how much my Thought Adjuster contributes to my thinking process, but I bet it is significant.

This I Believe

THIS I BELIEVE, that religion is a personal experience; it doesn’t come from a religious building of any sort. Nor does it come from any priest, minister, rabbi, or another. It comes from within, where its source lies. And I believe it is not a once a week for an hour or so thing; it is all the time. It is a way of living. It is living out of the heart and mind of what we know to be true, the truth of our being. It is living the absolute best we can with intention to do good, to be good; to be true and to continue to search for truth; to look for the beautiful in everything and everybody. It is to do no harm but to be of goodness to everyone we can be, even those we think don’t deserve it; to help others that need our help; to offer all people at least a smile and the courtesy of kindness; to serve where I can and to be still when I need to be. It is to live a moral life of ethics, non-judgment, non-resistance, and love for others–to the best of my ability. And where I fall down, I know I am surrounded, within and without, by others that will pick me up, dust me off, and set met back on my path. I know this because it is my intent. This I believe will be my path and it does not cease. I will be who I was meant to be with God as my partner and friend, now and forever. My belief is more than that; it is my FAITH. And as I progress in this never-ending life, it will become more. It will become my WISDOM.

© James Leese 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020