Urantia Book Study Groups of Southwest Florida

The purpose of this website is to provide:

1. A primary website for the Urantia Book Study Groups of Southwest Florida.

2. Sources of other books or materials that support or discuss the UB, including the history of the papers and topics that further continued discussion of the UB and its papers;

3. Historical connections between the UB, the bible, and today's research;

4. Access to images related to the UB and videos whose creation was inspired by the UB;

5. Links to subjects on the peripheral of UB topics, such as exploration of other physical energy system or laws that are on the edge of science today;

6. Information on what has happened after the publication of the UB in 1955, with links to the "Connecting Time" and the "Teaching Mission."

7. Links to other topics and websites that relate to our reading and study of The Urantia Book, including purchasing or downloading the UB, downloading or listening to mp3 files of the entire book.

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