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I have spent the last 40 years practicing architecture and urban design, which has lead me to the creation of these images–a combining of my continuing interest in the man-made artifacts of life amidst the natural and unnatural settings we see everyday.  I enjoy finding pleasure in capturing “my mind’s impressions of our physical environment, imaginary or not.” My work is a combination of technologies. I create my work using digital 3D graphics programs, occasionally, but seldom, enhanced by photographic imagery. Sometimes I will find a scene–or several–in a novel, or in a passing statement from a friend (see “Cathy Shops on Sanibel” and “ We don’t need no stinkin’ BP” as examples), that conjures up a picture in my mind that then becomes the catalyst for a new work.

While much of my work focuses on imaginary Florida and the Gulf Coast areas of southeast US, my work also includes imaginary cities and strip centers, parking lots and alleys. And I always love a good fair!

I especially like doing the customized “celebration” and “commissioned” works resulting in one-of-a-kind works. And all at very reasonable prices!

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