In May of 2010, a group of men and women took a trip to the Holy Lands. This trip was organized by Unity of Fort Myers and the participants included 20 members of the Unity of Fort Myers congregation, including leaders Reverent Jim Rosemergy and his wife Nancy Rosemergy, as well as three other Unity ministers, two from Massachusetts and one from Savannah, and another Unity fellow. A total of 24.

The Fort Myers group flew from Fort Myers, Florida to Philadelphia, where they met up with the others. From there the group flew to Israel and spent 11 days. One of the general objectives of the trip was to be in and see the land that Jesus lived and reached, where he walked and talked to his Apostles and other followers, and to try to capture some of the qualities of the context that Jesus must have felt and lived and that have resulted in changes that since that time have impacted the entire world.

To the left are the names of those who were on the trip. Each color indicates who shared hotel rooms with whom.

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