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Get it: One may purchase the UB from may websites, such as Urantia Foundation (, or from Amazon or Barnes & Noble Booksellers, or one may download the entire books from the Foundation's website.

        Or you can get it for your iPhone or iPad to read "on the go" from iTunes.

Read it: One may read the UB directly online from The Urantia Book Felllowship website.

Listen to it: One may listen to the entire book online or download the mp3 files to your computer, or tablet from the Foundation's website.

Note: you will also find other sources for these same materials on other Urantia Book-oriented websites.

For a special experience: Listen to Pato Bantan’s The Words of Christ

The Words Of Christ Trilogy is a limited edition, 7 CD Box Set that allows you to get the whole series of recordings in one package. The perfect gift of inspiration for your family, friends or yourself. This 7 year "Labor of Love" has been Pato Banton's  greatest undertaking to date!

I really love this series. I listen to it over and over again while driving. Mr Banton’s choices from The Urantia Book text of Jesus’ lessons and messages are powerfully read. The feeling I am left with is of acturally hearing Jesus speak to us today.

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